Lightweight Championship fight between Nick Newell and Scott Holtzman  not going to happen?


Well that’s the buzz according to Newell’s camp. When asked hiw thoughts here is what John Prsico had to say...


“to deny Scott Holtzman, or any of those that earn their shot, the same opportunity that he was given, is disrespectful in my eyes. It’s always been our motto, if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. How can that happen, if your Champion will not defend his title. That’s not a true Champion.

“ when Nick came to us at the XFC Tryouts, his biggest complaint was that no one would take a fight against him. Everyone was telling him, it’s a no-win situation taking the fight. If you beat him, you beat a guy with half an arm…. and if you lose, you just lost to a guy with half an arm. He knew by signing with our promotion that he was going to be guaranteed fights, as our fighters fight the person I put in front of them. Nick built his name on fighters who were willing to step up and fight him. And now, the opportunity he received, he is not willing to extend to Scott, even though they both carry the same XFC record (4-0). To me, that’s hypocritical and I have zero respect and no room for any individual that acts like that in my organization.

I think Nick knows what I believe. He was going to lose. Nick knows he can’t defend himself when someone like Scott puts him on his back. I believe Scott is one of the most talented 155ers on the planet. He’s training on the west coast right now with Benson Henderson for that very reason. In my eyes, I saw the fight going 1st round stoppage – Holtzman by ground and pound."


Newell has stated that he want’s to fight ex-UFC fighters to try and make his way up and get a shot at the UFC himself, however, Holtzman earned his shot at the title and most believe he deserves the opportunity. Newell was told if he beat Holtzman there would be the chance to fight some of the ex UFC alumni but he declined. Because of his decision Newell will be stripped of the title and Scott Holtzman will fight June 14thagainst an as yet to be determined opponent for the XFC Lightweight Championship Belt.



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